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Welcome to Hairycatsear seed store. Hairycatsear seeds are a life source product, enabling and inspiring customers to creatively multiply their initial seed investment.  


Flower, cactus, herb seeds include annuals and perennials.  Seeds are picked  in the plants natural environment and packaged immediately. Specialty seeds attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Specific  planting, and herbal information can be found with the seed products. The germination and seed storage techniques page gives insite into the best methods to preserve seeds.


No pesticides, herbicides, etc were/are ever used on plants from which the seeds came.  

Gloriosa Daisy
Gloriosa Daisy

Gloriosa Daisy Seeds, 500 Seeds, $2.00, 100% Pure        Rudbeckia gloriosa   

Planting Instructions:

>Days to Germination:5-10 days                       >Seeds spacing: 4 inches
>Optimum Soil Temperature for Germination: 70F       >Plant Height: 12-36 inches
>Planting Depth: 1/8 inch                            >Light: Full Sun /Part Sun


Wildflower Seed Mix, BULK, 2000 Seeds
Wildflower Seed Mix, BULK, 2000 Seeds

Wildflower Seed Mix BULK, 2000 Seeds , 100% Pure                    Price: $5.29

Regions 1-10



This wildflower seed mix contains flowers that deer do not find palatable/are natural deer repellent; therefore, deer leave the flowers alone and do not want to eat them. Species included grow in most zones.


Blanket Flower, Blue Sage, Foxglove, Four-O’clock, Lupines, as with most of the seed mix also attract hummingbird and butterfly species. All of these deer resistant flower species are beneficial to pollinators and are low maintenance.  Many species have herbal qualities, as well.


All seeds in this mix can easily make a hummingbird/wildflower garden, too.



Alyssum, Tall White Sweet, Annual

Daisy, Gloriosa, short-lived Perennial

      Sage, Blue, Perennial, Medicinal Herb

Yarrow, White, Perennial, Medicinal Herb

Foxglove, Perennial

Siberian Wallflower, It is a Perennial in warm regions and an annual in cool regions.

Blanket Flower, Perennial

Mexican Hat, Perennial, Aster Family


      Lupine, Arroyo, “Texas Blue Bonnet”

Lupine, Dwarf 'Pixie Delight'

Lupine, Perennial, Medicinal

Poppy, California, Perennial

Gaillardia, Perennial

Zinnia Pumila Mix, Annual

Lupine, Yellow, Perennial

Poppy, Corn, Perennial






Sowing Lavender Seeds


Sow the seeds about an inch apart and no more than ¼ inch deep as light helps germination. Keep moist but not soggy. Room temperature (about 70°F) is optimal. Be patient, as lavender is unusually slow to germinate, sometimes taking up to a month to emerge from the potting mix. For this reason, it is important to use a well-drained sterile mix to prevent disease. Once the seedlings are established pot them up in four-inch containers and grow them for three months or more before moving to the garden. A well hardened-off, 5–8 inch tall seedling will have the best chance of adapting to the rigors of the garden. Transplant leaving plenty of space to insure adequate air circulation when plants mature. Space at least a foot apart for true lavender and two feet for the larger lavanders. Transplant any time up until about two months before the first fall frosts to allow the plants to get established before going dormant in winter. If you mulch young seedlings, leave a few inches around the plant for air circulation, which helps prevent damping-off disease. Once your beds are established, which might take two to three years, they should be fairly carefree with yearly dressings of compost. Mulching will help control weeds, retain moisture, and add fertility, but you might want to remove the mulch in the spring if soils remain soggy.




EVENING PRIMROSE SEED, 500 Seeds, 100% Pure



Sow seeds in either spring or autumn. If sowing in autumn pot up young herb plants and over-winter in a cold fame or unheated greenhouse before planting out. Evening primrose is an easy herb to grow from seed. It will self seed in the right conditions so ensure that you dead head plants once the flowers have finished if you wish to avoid this.


Evening Primrose flowers only bloom every other year. It's leaves form a circle surrounding the stem during the first year. Buds reveal large, yellow flowers at dusk, or on overcast days, from June to September. 

Primroses can also be grown from seeds with an equal mixture of soil, sand and peat moss. This can be done indoors or out depending on the time of year and the climate in your area. Generally, seeds are sown indoors (outdoors in cold frame) during winter. Once seedlings have obtained their second or third leaves, they can be transplanted into the garden. 





Types of seeds

Seeds are classified according to their bloom frequency, life span, and type of flower produced.


Annual seeds, once planted, have a life span of one year.

That means that they need to be replanted each year. Some annuals can reseed themselvesin warmer climates. Examples of flowers that have annual seeds are Alyssum, marigolds, poppies, nasturtiums, zinnias, and morning glories.

Perennials only need be planted once, as flowers come back year after year. Most types of perennial seeds tend to be more expensive because of this. Examples of perennials include Black Eyed Susan, Hollyhocks, and Shasta Daisies.

Biennials have a life span of two years. Typically, these flowers will grow during the first year and bloom in the second year. Examples include Forget-Me-Nots, Evening Primrose, and Sweet William.


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